Tattoo Artist Offering Free Donald Trump Tattoos

The hysteria that is the Donald Trump presidential campaign has reached the tattoo community. A New Hampshire tattoo artist is offering free Trump-themed tattoos to anyone who is willing to undertake the lifelong commitment, according to a report by New Hampshire news station, NH1.


Just as the presidential race is heating up with the Iowa caucuses going down today, Bob Holmes, owner of the Clay Dragon Tattoo Studio in Seabrook, N.H., announced that he is offering free tattoos that represent the Donald. Whether it’s a portrait of Trump’s mug or one of the many Trumpisms that have come out of his campaign run—like “Make America Great Again”—Holmes and his staff are ready and willing to ink it on clients for free.99.

Holmes’ project isn’t simply a marketing ploy, though. He actually supports the former “Celebrity Apprentice” star’s run for the White House.

“Trump is the only one that’s giving anybody any hope to do anything different in this country,” said Holmes, who also admitted that he’s never had any interest in politics—or even voted—before Trump became involved in the political race.


Tattoo artist, Bob Holmes, offering free Donald Trump tattoos. [Photo: NH1]

The tattoo special has been met with both positive and negative responses from locals. However, Holmes has reported that they’ve been booked up for the next couple of weeks with clients coming from as far as Florida to get a tattoo to support the Republican presidential candidate.

Trump himself has even chimed in on Holmes’ tattoo special (because, of course he would), according to “Maybe, I’ll get a tattoo for the first time in my life—maybe not, though,” stated the GOP candidate.

The free tattoos are also being offered at Holmes’ other tattoo shops, Bob’s Tattoo Paradise, one of which is also located in Seabrook and the other in Raymond, N.H.