World’s First Prosthetic Tattoo Machine Arm


JC Sheitan Tenet tattooing with the prosthetic tattoo machine arm he co-created. [Photo: Facebook/JC Sheitan Tenet]

Prosthetic appendages are, as many of you may know, used to help amputees go about their lives as if they were never missing the specific part of their bodies where the prosthesis is placed. And, while that’s all well and good, French tattoo artist, JC Sheitan Tenet, felt he needed to take prosthetics to another level in order to facilitate the process of tattooing a bit more—both for him and any other amputee tattoo artists out there—by creating the world’s first ever prosthetic tattoo machine arm.

Tenet, who tattoos out of Lyon, France, lost his arm 22 years ago, and up until recently had to use his left hand to tattoo. After meeting fellow artist and engineer, Jean Louis Gonzales, at a tattoo convention, the two put their minds together to create the awesome prosthetic tattoo machine seen in the photos.

Made from an old prosthetic arm that Tenet had lying around at home, their steampunk-themed creation allows the artist to use either arms to tattoo. The machine itself is attached to the end with an adjustable mount, using tubing to hide the power cable. The artist would still have to move their shoulder to guide the machine, but Tenet and Gonzales are currently thinking of ways to add a wrist joint to their invention.

On his Facebook, Tenet has stated, however, that the machine is currently not prepared for daily use.


JC Sheitan Tenet posing with his steampunk-themed prosthetic tattoo machine arm. [Photo: Facebook/JC Sheitan Tenet]

“The needles, grip tube, nipple and rubber are disposable. The tattoo machine and the prothesis are cleanable like a normal tattoo machine. Except that it is very, very long and meticulous, the ink slinger stated, adding, “That is why it is an exhibition kinetic sculpture and not my daily use tool.”


A tattoo JC Sheitan Tenet worked on with his prosthetic tattoo machine arm. [Photo: Facebook/JC Sheitan Tenet]

Although it is in its early stages, the prototype is still able to handle basic line work and shading quite well. Check out Tenet and his prosthetic tattoo machine arm in action in the video below.