Inked Modelo: Ginnette


Photo: Mack Butler Photography


Name: Ginnette Salas

Location: Sacramento, Calif.

Roots: Dominican Republic


Instagram: @inkdgeneration

Twitter: @inkdgeneration

Facebook: inkdg

Ink Latino: What first attracted you to tattoos?

Ginnette: I hear some people say that it’s all about the pain—the tattoo is just a souvenir. For me it’s all about the beauty of the tattoo and the story it holds. That piece of art you can take with you everywhere and forever. Also, I appreciate the freedom of expressing yourself in an artistic way.

What inspired your first tattoo?

Freedom! I got angel wings as a constant reminder of your ability to overcome fear, obstacles, and whatever life throws at you.


Photo: Juan Rincon

You have an array of themes going on in your ink collection. Can you tell us a bit about what inspired some of those themes?

My right arm sleeve is all about Halloween, because I was born on Halloween in 1988. My left arm is more about things I like, like my mermaid who represents me. The Ganesh I mainly got it ‘cause of the story it holds and my elephant obsession. I got two more elephants tattoos on my shoulder, and will possibly get one more. I also have this quote on my left arm by Dr. Seuss that means a lot to me: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” I can say I live my life by this quote, and my life is pretty great.

What story does your ink tell about you?

It says that I am a strong and fearless woman.

Who are some of the tattoo artists who have tattooed you?

A few of my favorites: Yosh from The Ink Gallery NY in Staten Island, N.Y., Giancarlo from Talent For Survival in Plainfield, N.J., and Asaru of The House of Ink in Venice Beach, Calif.

How do you go about choosing your tattoo artists?

From previous work they have done that makes me fall in love on the spot, how fast they work and, that he or she is not super heavy-handed—that last one is a must!

What else do you hope to add to your tattoo collection?

More elephants? Maybe just one more [laughs]. Right now, I’m just trying to finish all the shading needed to be done with my arm sleeves, then I will move to cover my entire back and possibly add some portraits to my collection.


Photo: Juan Rincon

Tell us a bit about your apparel line, INKD Generation, and how it came about.

It came about me wanting to be a model for other tattoo apparel. I have never been the type of person to beg for something. It felt like that to me when I wanted to promote other tattoo companies’ apparel. So, I decided to start my own tattoo-inspired apparel and promote my own gear. Also, I wanted to give other girls and guys the chance to promote my apparel. As you can see on my site, even though I could just use myself as a model for all my gear on my site, I don’t. I really enjoy giving others that opportunity. So, if you are interested, reached out to me.

My mission is to provide tattoo inspired apparel and accessories to express yourself. The importance of understanding Inkd Generation is that a tattoo should not be a taboo, but the freedom of expression that every individual should be entitled to without discriminating another individual. Tattoo has been around since our ancient ancestry, and will be around for generations to come. The art of expression is your choice—whether you want to get “inkd” or not.

What projects are you working on or have coming down the line that our readers should look out for?

Well, I just moved from New Jersey to California. It’s a new beginning for my brand and myself. I only have two years with my clothing line, but this year is going to be great—I know it. I feel like I am on the right path. Just stay tuned for my new collection, all the hard work in picking nice fabrics and unique designs will show.

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