Get Tattooed At … Whole Foods?

In an effort to connect further with the modern shopper, Whole Foods Market is throwing around the idea of possibly adding tattoo stations inside some of their stores in the near future.


Photo: Facebook/Whole Foods


The popular supermarket chain is on the verge of opening new and smaller-sized stores dubbed “365 by Whole Foods Market.” Aside from providing their customers with the customary healthy grocery choices, the Austin, Texas-based company is currently brainstorming about some other services they can offer customers of the new stores.

Among one of the ideas they’re mulling over is partnering up with local businesses—or “friends” as they refer to the hopeful partners—like clothing brands, record shops and tattoo studios in hopes of getting them to offer their products and services within the 365 stores.

The website dedicated to the 365 stores states that: “Friends of 365 may be any type of business—from food and drinks to fashion, body care products, services and more,” adding, “Record shop? Tattoo parlor? Maybe!”


Photo: Tumblr

Along with these possible partnerships and with lower prices than what you would currently find in regular Whole Foods markets, with the all-new 365 stores, the company hopes to cater to younger shoppers who are interested in high-quality products but with more economically-conscious price tags.

As of yet, the company has not announced any of its hopeful partners. It seems, however, like they’ve found some already, though, because the first 365 store is opening up this coming May in Silver Lake, Calif. Whole Foods has already made plans to also open five other locations in Cali in cities like Santa Monica, Claremont, Los Alamitos, San Francisco and Concord. As for the rest of the country, don’t fret, because the new 365 stores will be making their way across the country in the coming years.

With all that said, we just have to ask: Are you willing to get tatted at a grocery store?