Michigan Artists Raise Funds For Flint With A Special Tattoo

The Flint, Mich. water crisis has shocked the world. When news of the water contamination in the city hit the media, droves of people, including celebrities and politicians, stepped in to ensure the safety of the people of Flint. Some even went as far as donating countless supplies of bottled water to the affected citizens. Well, it seems that now even the tattoo community has stepped up to help Flint.


Tony Caporusso giving his wife, Carrie, the first Flint Heart tattoo of the day. [Photo: Mercedes Mejia]

Tattoo artist, Carrie Metz-Caporusso, of Ann Arbor, Mich. devised a plan to help raise funds in support of Flint. The ink slinger sketched up a tattoo design to stand as a symbol of hope for Flint. The design has come to be known as the Flint Heart, and features a blue-shaded heart with a drop of water dripping from it.

The next step was to hit her social media with the announcement that her shop, Lucky Monkey Tattoo Parlour, would be doing the Flint Heart tats for $50 of which all proceeds would go to the Flint Child Health and Development Fund.

When the day came for their special fundraiser, Metz-Caporusso and her husband, Tony, only expected about five people to show up, but instead 35 clients showed up to get the Flint Heart tattooed. With only her and her husband tattooing, they even had to turn back 20 people when it was time to close up shop at the end of the day!


Flint Heart tattoo freshly inked on a client. [Photo: Mark Brush for Michigan Radio]

Metz-Caporusso told MichiganRadio.org that this was the most tattoos she’s ever done in a day, adding that the mood at the shop was positive all day with clients seemingly happy to wait hours to get their charitable ink without any complaints.

By day’s end, Lucky Monkey Tattoo had raised $2,200, which was donated to the Flint-based children’s health charity. The philanthropic ink slinger’s charity doesn’t end there, though—Metz-Caporusso also offered up her unique tattoo design to any other tattoo artist out there who wants to help Flint with their own charity drive at their shop.