Tatu Baby Covers Urban Ink Magazine

For their latest issue, urban tattoo lifestyle magazine, Urban Ink, offers up a spicy cover featuring the beautiful and multi-talented tattoo artist, Tatu Baby.


Urban Ink cover featuring Tatu Baby.

The March 2016 issue of Urban Ink features a beautiful set of photos of Tatu Baby shot by photographers K. Rish and Mike Montoya.

The magazine coupled the hot shots with an in-depth interview with the “Ink Master” star—her first magazine interview since becoming a new mom—where she discussed everything from her new tattoo gallery and balancing her many roles to her possible re-emergence in reality TV, a new film project set to drop soon, and her love life.

Check out some of the photos from the spread and read some of the juicy info the Colombian Miami-based ink slinger spilled during the interview below!

Tatu Baby on her recent return to reality TV and her future on TV:

“I think when it comes to filming, it’s become very second nature to me. When I go, I feel comfortable and I’m excited because the end result is that the world is going to see what I’m capable of.”

“I’ve been working on a couple of things, so si Dios quiere [God willing], hopefully, everything goes great, and people will see me more on TV.”

On balancing being a new mom with being an artist and a businesswoman:

“Being a new mom, I have learned that with children there’s no just walking out the door. Unexpected things happen, and you have to get them taken care of. Being a businesswoman and a professional, I try to balance it out and compensate what I can and what would be best for my clients.”

And, on her love life:

“He’s in the same business that I am, which is great because he understands our hours and the passion for what we do. In this business, dating another tattoo artist is great. You share not only the chemistry and love you have in your relationship, but you also get to share the love you have at work.” [Note: If you want to know who she was talking about here, you’ll have to pick up the magazine.]


Photo: K. Rish for Urban Ink.

Other cool features in the latest issue of Urban Ink include an interview with one of the go-to ink slingers for some of your favorite Hip-Hop stars, Carlos Macedo, a feature on Chicago famed tattoo artist Jose Perez, Jr., an interview with world-famous sword swallower, Heather Holliday, and coverage of awesome annual events like New York radio station Hot 97’s Summer Jam, United Ink’s Flight 915 Tattoo Expo, Brooklyn, NY’s Urban Tattoo Convention and Mario Barth’s yearly Vegas bash, Biggest Tattoo Show On Earth.

The new issue of Urban Ink is on sale now!