Inked Modelo: Fancy Tattoo

Name: Fancy Tattoo

Location: NYC/Conn.

Instagram: @fancytattoo

Twitter: @fancytattoo

Facebook: fancytattoo

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Ink Latino: What first attracted you to tattoos?

Fancy Tattoo: The idea of freedom of expression through body art.

What inspired your first tattoo? 

One word: Love.

Was it always the plan for you to be as covered as you are or was that something that evolved naturally? 

It wasn’t always the plan, but it definitely evolved naturally, over time … as my love and passion for the culture and lifestyle did as well.

You have some beautiful artwork on you. Can you tell us a bit about the themes that run through your ink collection?

Well, thank you! The artwork on my body basically represents a story … a timeline of my life. Whether it be representative of a person, place, thing, time or occurrence in my life … it all depicts very meaningful parts of my personal journey.

What story does your ink tell about you?

To sum it all up: Beauty, strength and wisdom.

Who are some of the tattoo artists who have tattooed you?

To name a few: Giovanny Hernandez — IG: @giovanny545, Ricardo Ramirez — IG: @rekotattoo, Michael Blais — IG: @blais26 and LB — IG: @inkbylb.

What else do you hope to add to your collection?

I’ve never been one to speak on my personal ideas for tattoos, so I won’t start now [laughs]. However, I will say that more will definitely be added to my collection as my journey continues.

What projects are you working on or have coming down the line that our readers should look out for?

I have several projects and collaborations coming up, but I won’t ruin any surprises. Just be sure to stay on the lookout, because I’m always working!