13 Tattoo Artists You Must Follow On Instagram

Instagram has become the platform of choice for tattoo artists around the world to display their collection of artwork. Out of the thousands of amazing artists on IG, we’re sure some are bound to slip by you, so Ink Latino wanted to point out 13 skilled ink slingers [because ten is so cliché] that you’re definitely going to want to follow on Instagram in case you’re not already doing so.

1. Amayra (@amayratattooart)

1 amayra

With a portfolio that runs the gamut from realistic portraiture work to surrealism—mostly in black and grey with bursts of bright colors from time to time, as well as full color pieces—Tenerife, Spain-based female tattoo artist, Amayra will leave you jonesing for one of her masterful pieces.

2. Miguel Ochoa (@miguel_ochoa

2 miguel ochoa

With Michelangelo serving as one of his muses coupled with the artful inspiration that comes with a Mexican Catholic upbringing, Cali-based artist, Miguel Ochoa, has acquired an impressive catalogue of artwork. Consisting of black and grey renditions of religious and historical figures, famous entertainers, skulls and roses, as well as many other finely detailed designs, Ochoa’s tattoos contain a timeless look.

3. Vince Villalvazo – (@vincevillalvazo)

3 vince villalvazo

Skilled in many styles, Marietta, Georgia artist, Vince Villalvazo, has been tattooing for a little under a decade now. His work is easily recognizable as he prefers to create custom pieces for each client giving every piece his own creative spin. Using simply a loose idea from the client, Villalvazo is able to deliver vibrantly colorful tattoos—as well as classic black and grey at times—for each personality that walks through the doors of his shop, Mystic Owl Tattoo.

4. José Contreras – (@joseecd)

4 jose contreras

Venezuelan artist, José Contreras, was born for this ink life. In the eight years that he’s been slinging ink, Contreras has amassed a sick repertoire and hundreds of fans all anxiously awaiting for the opportunity to get tattooed by the U.K.-based artist. Most of his portfolio consists of realism work—both color and black and grey—as he creates remarkable pieces that seem to come to life on skin.

5. Hector Cedillo – (@hectorcedillo1)

5 hector cedillo

Whether it’s art nouveau, Japanese style, realistic portraits, surrealism designs, or pieces that appear to be a seemingly incoherent collection of random objects and lines intertwining to make eye-catching tattoos, ink artist, Hector Cedillo, can basically do it all … and then some. Starting out with a homemade tattoo machine in the ninth grade in his native Cuenca, Ecuador, Cedillo used his painting and illustration background to build himself up to the talented artist that he is today.

6. Ezequiel Samuraii – (@ezequielsamuraii)

6 ezequiel samuraii

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ezequiel Samuraii began tattooing in 2007. Traveling the world doing guest spots at tattoo shops and working tattoo conventions, he has acquired a portfolio full of skillfully crafted tattoos in such styles as realism, surrealism, horror, portraits and bio-mechanics. Although he specializes in black and grey, he does enjoy throwing in some color in his pieces from time to time. Currently, you can find him mainly in Barcelona, Spain, or traveling across Europe.

7. Fonzy – (@fonzygreaskull55)

7 fonzy

Fusing that rockabilly flow with Chicano style and Lowrider culture, multi-talented artist, Fonzy, is one of the best in the West. With drawing, painting and airbrushing already on his résumé, the self-professed “Greaser” picked up tattooing for a short while in 2001 and then went back at it full force in 2010 opening up his own shop, Greaskull Tattoo Alley in Fullerton, Calif. His work is mostly black and grey realism and each piece tends to carry hints of Chicano inspiration and the L.A. lifestyle.

8. Elvia Guadian – (@elvia_guadian)

8 elvia guadian

Born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, Elvia Guadian has said that her beloved hometown really influences her art. While developing her craft for slinging ink, Guadian found a love for black and grey tattoo art, which today comprise the better part of her portfolio.

9. Carlos Macedo – (@carlos__macedo)

9 carlos macedo

With only eight years in the ink game, Carlos Macedo has already built up an impressive collection of work and a clientele list consisting of big names such as Sean “Diddy” Combs, The Game, Carmelo Anthony, Fieldy of Korn and many others. Under the tutelage of tattoo legend, Franco Vescovi, Macedo has mastered black and grey realism, compiling some topnotch tattoo work along the way.

10. Matias Noble – (@matiasnobletattoo)

10 matias noble

Matias Noble is known best for his black and grey realism work—although he does also delve into color work once in a while. Also known for his clean and impeccable pieces, what makes the Valencia, Spain-based artist’s work so interesting is the fact that he uses little to no line work when creating his breathtaking tattoos.

11. Bengie Archilla – (@bengiearchilla)

11 bengie archilla

Straight from “La Isla del Encanto” we have Bengie Archilla. Bitten by the artistic bug at a young age, Bengie took up drawing and later transitioned to tattooing when he turned 18. Today, he is an award-winning artist with his own shop, Ink Factory, in Vega Alta, P.R. His amazing work is comprised of finely detailed realistic portraits and surrealistic imagery, which he is able to tackle in either the classic black and grey style or in full color.

12. Bolo – (@boloarttattoo)

12 bolo

As part of Miami, Florida’s well-known Inkaholiks Tattoos shop, Cuban tattoo artist, Bolo, has produced some of the sickest artwork you’ll ever lay eyes on. Where photo-realism is concerned, Bolo is a master at capturing every single detail, making it seem as if he pretty much pasted the actual photo on your skin.

13. Santa Perpetua (@santa_perpetua)

13 santa perpetua

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Santa Perpetua led a successful career in graphic designs working for companies such as Coca Cola and Nike before she ventured into tattooing. Currently working out of Black Sails Tattoo in Brighton, U.K., Santa uses her skills in graphic designs to create abstract, graphic tattoo art pieces that are both mind-bending and awe-inspiring.

Photos: Instagram